One course down…

September 20, 2008

So yesteday was the final for MORS 430, leadership in organizations, which is the first class for all Kellogg students.  Its required for all students to take it and its a full credit class crammed in 3 weeks.  So to say its fast paced is an understatement.  I would say there was 50 pages of reading a night and then some essay assignments.  Now I must admit it is tough keeping up not because its particularly hard but because it is tough being back in class for the first time in a long time.  Thankfully the professors who teach all the MORS sections are very highly regarded and make it interesting.  I dont know a single person who did not find the class interesting and everyone agreed they learned a lot.

The other big happening around campus, and I am sure this topic was popular at every b-school lately, was the collapse of Lehman Bros and the sale of Merrill Lynch.  Thankfully, IB careers are not very popular at Kellogg so we are much better positioned to weather the impending storm coming over the next few years.  These two companies are two of the largest employers for grads from top MBA programs.  This is definitely going to hurt recruiting for the next few years, much more so at finance heavy schools.  Lots of folks who were going to go into IB now will be looking at other careers such as MC, adding to the competition in those areas.  People here aren’t too worried about job prospects which is very different than what I have been hearing from friends at some other top 5 b-schools…it sounds like at a few other places people aren’t to excited about recruiting this year.

The night life has slowed down a little bit because of class work but for the hardcore party animals its still possible to go out as often as you want.  The married and involved peope seem to have had the largest drop in partying…this is probably because many of the significant others are starting their jobs or the job hunt has spead up a lot.  I think people have also begun to settle down a little, at least until clubs and career stuff gets going.


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